PLUMB "M-one" Series Front Bumper For Land Rover Defender 90/110

PLUMB "M-one" Series Front Bumper For Land Rover Defender 90/110

This new product ---- 'M-one" Series Front Bumper not only gives you the ultimate proportions, but also does not require any changes to the body, giving you an absolutely original car-level fit.

— PLUMB "M-one" Front Bumper Kit —

Equipped with:

Front bumper assembly X1 / Internal complete installation system X1 Spotlight bracket X2 / Camera bracket X1

— Assembly Structure and Details —

For the ultimate in detail and texture, and absolutely lossless installation. This front bumper kit can be said to have achieved the ultimate in structure. Except for the built-in reinforcement bracket, the front bumper assembly has no welding points. All parts are assembled from real structures.

- Proportion -

The overall structure and curved surface of the front bumper completely fit the body, grille, and headlights.

- Front camera -

The absolutely fitting camera installation module perfectly transplants the front camera, and all parts of the front bumper are perfectly protected from search angles.

The lower grille replaces the all-aluminum-magnesium alloy trim panel, which has absolutely original factory-level fit and improved detail and texture.

The PLUMB metal embossed badge matches the inlay of the front bumper round tube, highlighting the ultimate craftsmanship and layered texture.

The dry carbon fiber inlay on the bar body connected to the swing arm, combined with the metal embossed M-ONE series code, makes the integration of comprehensive materials more elemental and beautiful.

— Spotlight Bracket —

The expansion module supports the installation span and position of various spotlights, which can be adjusted at will according to the actual situation.

Spotlight reference case brand:

PIAA round light (6 inches): PIAA-DK565BXG

Strip light (10 inches): PIAA-DKRF105X

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