PLUMB "M-one" Series Removable Roof Rack For Land Rover Defender

PLUMB "M-one" Series Removable Roof Rack For Land Rover Defender

Based on the feelings of all Defender users, many luggage racks have the problems like "too much noise", "the position is too high" and "the overall proportion is not coordinated enough"... The "M-one series" multifunctional roof rack solves all the above problems.

— Main structure and details —

Mechanical splicing design, engraving craftsmanship and clean structure

— Slide rail opening and closing structure —

The design of the adjustable telescopic slide rail structure crossbar can be divided into two states: open/closed.

The integration of the guide slider module makes the crossbar switch states smoother.

— Opening —

It will not affect the overall light transmittance of the skylight. The crossbar in the open state is equipped with an accidental touch protection module. Misoperation will cause the skylight to touch the protection module, triggering the automatic protection mechanism of the skylight and not causing any damage to the skylight.

— Closed —

When the vehicle's overhead storage platform is closed, the sunroof can be fully opened and  noise can be eliminated to a greater extent.

— Installation structure —

The original non-destructive replacement base installation is so harmonious that it doesn’t feel like an additional part, making the entire vehicle more coordinated and complete.

— Load capacity —

Open/closed 2 states, 107kg dynamic load capacity, the crossbar will not be deformed due to overload, allowing the roof rack to have super load capacity.

—Extended functions—

There are 5 horizontal bars and 2 extra-long vertical bars, and there are guide rail expansion slots on the top and side respectively, which can expand various expansion sliders. Expand and fix for any use.

Equipped with:

Ring screw X4 / tensioning fixing module X8 / tensioner X2

The highest position of the multifunctional roof rack is the height of the longitudinal bar. Reducing the luggage rack to the lowest level will not only better solve the problem of noise, but also make the entire vehicle more comfortable and more coordinated.

— Close status display —

 — Open status display —


— Using status display —

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