PLUMB "M-one" Series Roof Rack Ladder For Land Rover Defender 110

PLUMB "M-one" Series Roof Rack Ladder For Land Rover Defender 110

- Main Structure -

The PLUMB side ladder perfectly matches the PLUMB roof rack. It strengthens the design of the original car waistline fixed position slide rail and locking switch, making it easier to open. The special structural relationship of the main body can very effectively divert wind resistance, achieving almost zero noise.

The overall all-aluminum magnesium alloy carving process and dry carbon fiber inlay greatly improve the overall texture and make every detail splicing impeccable.

- A fixed way -

The top end is perfectly connected to the roof rack, and the bottom end replaces the original plastic waistline cover, which not only ensures stability and strength, but also plays a strong decorative role in appearance.

— Opening and Closed —

The knob-type switch locking mechanism can open and close the side ladder very conveniently. It intuitively simplifies the use steps, and the movement structure of the guide rail makes use very smooth. There will be no abnormal noise during intense driving and bumps.

The design of the expanded handle is more comfortable during use, and the natural streamline design of the handle makes the mechanical layering stronger.

— Loading Effect —

The proportions of the side ladder and the roof rack, and the coordination between the overall package and the entire vehicle are seamless.

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