PLUMB "M-one" Series Side Bar For Land Rover Defender 110

PLUMB "M-one" Series Side Bar For Land Rover Defender 110

—PLUMB "M-one" Side Bumper—

The combination of multiple materials and processes, greatly enhances the temperament of the entire vehicle in terms of texture, fit and overall level.

Content: Side bar assembly X2, mounting bracket X2, wide body trim panel X2, air intake grille X2

—Main Structure and Details—

The splicing of carbon fiber, aluminum-magnesium alloy and composite materials creates a strong comprehensive texture from the fusion of multiple elements. The kit does not require any changes to the body structure and can be installed without damaging the original parts.

— Wide-body air intake grille trim —

The shape of the wide-body intake grille trim is in the most natural line with the curved surface of the original car. Giving the entire car a more performance-oriented look, the splicing of PLUMB metal embossed badges makes the structural layering clearer. The trim panels are replaced by the assembly, and the original trim panels are replaced with original parts.

The basic primer can be matched with the body color according to personal color preferences.

Compatibility of wide-body trim panels, whether original factory wheel arches or after-installed wide-body wheel arches can be perfectly matched.

[Original wheel brow connection effect]

[Wide body eyebrow connection effect]

— Side bar body —

The overall width perfectly fits the curved surface of the body

— Ratio after installation —

— Side skirt spoilers —

While echoing the rear wide-body air intake grille trim, it also plays a good spoiler role to a certain extent. M-one's steel seal emphasizes the iconicity of this work in PLUMB's first series.


— Loading effect —

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