PLUMB "M-one" Series Spare Tire Integration Kit For Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

PLUMB "M-one" Series Spare Tire Integration Kit For Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

This new product continues the main line style of “M-one” Series. Subverting the appearance, structure, function and materials from the inside out to redefine the "Spare Tire Cover".

— Composition —

Reinforced spare tire bracket X1 / Metal spare tire guard X1 / Storage box X1 Multifunctional dry carbon fiber spare tire cover

— Static Structure —

In order to facilitate the matching of various color versions, all structures of the multi-functional spare tire kit are detachable, making it easier to paint with the same body color. The main part of the spare tire cover is made of dry carbon fiber. The extended desktop and internal integrated storage box are made of all-aluminum magnesium alloy, and the splicing of dry carbon fiber and metal is impeccable in terms of details and overall texture.

— Open Method —

The M-one multifunctional spare tire kit optimizes the original leather tire cover and upgrades it to a 304 stainless steel metal hoop. It does not affect the placement of the original spare tire, while also expanding the multi-purpose desktop and hidden anti-theft storage box.

— Reinforced Spare Tire Bracket —

Strengthen the original spare tire bracket, the spare tire bracket made of manganese steel and a more reasonable fixing method, so that the spare tire will no longer vibrate during high-intensity off-roading, and more effectively solve the abnormal noise of the tailgate.

— Overall Ratio —

The overall position of the spare tire has been moved up 5C by strengthening the spare tire bracket, and the distance between the M tire and the tailgate has been shortened, making the tire and body proportions more coordinated whether viewed from the side or the rear.



— Hidden Storage Box —

For cross-country travel, commonly used rescue equipment and tools can be integrated and fixed in the storage box. The expansion strap can well secure the equipment without making abnormal noise on bumpy roads.

— Built-in Anti-theft Switch Lock —

— Expansion Desktop —

The extended table is a very convenient tool for outdoor camping and picnics. The load-bearing and usable area can well meet various scenarios. It can be used in conjunction with the storage box door as a windproof board for the stove.

— Loading —

The position of the spare tire has been re-adjusted by strengthening the spare tire bracket and is more coordinated with the entire vehicle.


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