PLUMB "M-one" Series Tailgate Folding Table

PLUMB "M-one" Series Tailgate Folding Table

"Camping" is currently everyone's mainstream outdoor activity. The multi-functional tailgate platform solves the problem of cooking during outdoor activities, making the outdoor experience more complete and convenient.The multi-functional platform is divided into the following states and functions:

— Closed state —

The multi-functional platform is equipped with an equipment expansion board. The expansion grid can fix any items and equipment. It is equipped with two tool bags, one of which is equipped with a camping light.

— How to open the platform —

The steps to open the platform are as follows. The operation is simple, fast and very stable.

— Load and space —

The space capacity after the platform is opened is very large, and it can accommodate the maximum size of conventional outdoor cooking utensils, and the maximum load can reach 25KG. The platform can be divided into upper and lower layers, making use more flexible and convenient.

— Semi-open equipment state —

The 90°flip-down design allows the storage space of the original tailgate panel to be fully utilized, and the original spare tools can be taken out at any time.

— Camp lights on —

The camp light can be quickly detached and the height can be adjusted at will. The camp light is equipped with two power plugs, one for the battery's positive and negative poles directly, and the other for the cigarette lighter plug, so that the camping night will no longer be dark. The camp lamp is equipped with a wireless remote control, which can adjust the brightness and switch at will.

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