Three new products in PLUMB "M-one" series released

Three new products in PLUMB "M-one" series released

Giving all Land Rover Defender owners another style choice in addition to the original car configuration, PLUMB's debut, the "M-ONE series" will impact your visual perception with Following 3 new products.

 — PLUMB key set —

 This is not only a "case". Using the chip replacement method,subversively changed the appearance of the original key. The inlay method of the side-sliding spare key also makes the opening with more “Mechanization”.

 — PLUMB Overhead box —

The car radio is a necessary equipment for off-road vehicles, the replacement of the position of the glasses case makes the radio within easy touch. Make the interior layout more reasonable.

Compatible Radio: Yaesu 6000R / ICOM2730

 — PLUMB Tank Cover —

 Replace the original tank cover without damage, The splicing of multiple composite materials makes the whole look more layered. The semi-transparent nature of the structure makes the whole look more futuristic, and the outer frame can be matched arbitrarily according to the color of the car body.




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